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PM Products Are Not Complete

Posted on | August 1, 2009 | Comments Off on PM Products Are Not Complete

There are many tools for project management and project managers, from large companies and from small companies. Some have more functionality and others have less functionality. But all of them put together do the same thing.

Don’t take me wrong but no product that I know of has any particular functionality that stands out and that no other tool has. For example, most tools have a scheduler, some do the job better than the others, and others do it easier. Some tools have a resource management module while others have a timesheet module.

Does it mean we are already “there” when it comes to PM products? I have yet to see a tool that covers all aspects of project management, from an idea to its implementation, without having to use different products.

Software vendors have taken the position of, for example, why would I want to add a scheduler to my product if MS Project does it well and I can have my product integrate to it. This is an issue for me because now I am having to use several products for project management.

Most of all, and without going into too much detail of how it should be done because I am sure each one of us would do it differently, I would like to see a product that can finally do all of the above plus, just to name a few:

• Resource leveling across multiple projects based on user input criteria

• To-do lists that can be tagged to project tasks

• Highly configurable views so that you can personalize what data you want to show on your screens

Products full of features are important and essential in this fast-paced environment we are in to facilitate the collection and analysis of project data but tools don’t manage projects, project managers do.

Most products are almost “there” but not yet. I am sure you have your own list. Don’t you think so…? Well, I do.

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