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Who Is Expiriance?

Expiriance was formed in 1998 during the Internet bubble out of the need to manage thousands of uncontrollable programs / projects already underway both locally and outsourced.

The Internet exploded as the tool for the masses and Expiriance also ventured in this area by launching websites through partners at the request of its clients.

Expiriance specializes in program / project management and implementation methodologies. Our expertise is in helping organizations setup and organize a PMO and program / project management processes utilizing your methodology or ours.

We also offer web design and development through our partners.

Why Use Expiriance?

With the business world changing and redefining itself continuously, opportunities for new or enhanced products and services present themselves constantly. Organizations must be able to take advantage of them quickly because the window of opportunity is not wide and is itself constantly moving.

Program / Project Management

Expiriance has successfully assisted organizations in the US, many of them with offices around the world, in managing programs / projects and setting up their PMOs and governance not just for IT but for the whole enterprise.

Our PMP®s are ready to take a holistic view of your book of work and partner with you to share program / project management knowledge and expertise.

Web Design and Development

Through partners, Expiriance has designed and developed websites for clients that wanted to have a presence on the Internet.

We Assist You In

Taking program / project management beyond IT to the whole enterprise.

Managing small, medium or large, simple or complex, local or multinational programs, projects and product development engagements.

Solidifying your PMO or in establishing a new PMO. Moving from “are the programs and projects doing well” to “are we spending on the right investments”.

Reaching your goals implementing innovative ideas through program and project management.

Our Goals Are

To help you reduce the time to close and deliver projects in order to optimize the billing cycle.

To ensure your PMs and/or PMO performs with excellence.

To reduce your costs. Expiriance can leverage your processes, methodologies and tools, and improve on them thus reducing your overall costs.

To ensure your portfolio of programs and projects is aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization.

What Makes Us Different?

While of our competitors walk away after the assignment is complete (and in many cases before) with all the knowledge, Expiriance empowers you and your staff by sharing all the knowledge and techniques as well as documenting the lessons learned during the process.

We have accumulated a wide range of expertise in delivering solutions to multiple industries of different shapes and sizes.

Major deliverables to these industries by size:

Major Deliverables

Major Deliverables

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