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Project Status Is Critical But Stable

Most project status reports tell you that the project is doing well, others are braver and say that the project is “a little” behind schedule but there is “plenty” of time to catch up, some report on budget/schedule plan vs. actual but most fail to indicate what exactly has been completed and what remains to be completed as well as issues and risks.

Adaptive Project Communication

At the heart of project communications is to make sure that all communication requirements are effective and are met. But these requirements change from project to project and from stakeholder to stakeholder. So, let’s look at how to adapt the project communication while keeping it effective.

Do You Want To Know Now Or One Day Before Going Live?

How many times have we, PMs, experienced being in front of our boss telling it how it is only to hear that it is unacceptable? Well, too many for the majority of us. The point of the matter is that bosses only want to hear the good news: “yes, we can do it all by the deadline and for that amount of money and resources”.

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