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Project Management: State Of The Union 2010

Even though project management was recognized as a distinct discipline in 1950 I still remember it was only 25 years ago when there were no project managers per se, the resources executing the work would manage it at the same time. Some organizations still keep this “tradition”, but they are less every day.

Tips For Passing The PMP® Certification Exam

These tips are not for learning project management which is a different story out of the scope of this article. You want to pass the exam on the first try so that you don’t get discouraged. Most people who don’t pass it on their first try find it difficult taking it again.

How To Start A PM Career

Starting a PM career is not difficult but if you are outside the information technology field you need to know where to find the available learning resources. I, for example, became one first then learned how to be one.

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