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My Theory On Why IT Projects Fail

The number of failed IT projects ranges in the 60% to 80%. But, what constitute a failed project? Why do they fail? They are IT projects but is it IT’s fault that they failed? There are many theories around and, yes, I will give you mine.

Do You Want To Know Now Or One Day Before Going Live?

How many times have we, PMs, experienced being in front of our boss telling it how it is only to hear that it is unacceptable? Well, too many for the majority of us. The point of the matter is that bosses only want to hear the good news: “yes, we can do it all by the deadline and for that amount of money and resources”.

Managing The "Six" Triple Constraint

And then, they were six. A framework for evaluating competing demands, the triple constraint is represented by a triangle and the 3 original constraints, one in each side or corner of the triangle. Scope, time and cost were the first 3 original constraints. A change to any one of them affected the other, and this basic principle is what is called the triple constraint. As the project management profession matured 3 more constraints were added: quality, risk and customer satisfaction. These 3 are almost always affected by any change in the original 3. Let’s see how they are represented and how they work.

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